Sunday, December 11, 2011


Seven days without posting...what is going on around here? I'll blame it on Words with Friends. Alec Baldwin inspired me to give the game a try and in true-Debbie fashion, I was immediately obsessed and am involved in no less than six games at all times. Sorry Carter for stealing your ipod touch, but like all of my past obsessions, this too shall pass...eventually.

In other news, we bought our tree and decorated it this week!Cate demonstrating her incredible balance :)

Oooohhhh Ahhhhhh. Can you smell the fresh pine? No fake trees for us! I read a tutorial on how to take stellar pictures of your lit tree, but my camera died before I could try it and then when it was finally charged, I didn't have the energy or desire to re-google it. So, it's a crappy picture, but you get the idea. It's boo-ti-ful!

Bennett was Student of the Week. In their classroom newsletter, his teacher wrote...Our student of the week is Bennett Smallie. I've really enjoyed having Bennett as a student this year. He likes to participate in class discussions and always works hard to do his best. Excellent job, Bennett!

Yesterday was Scott's 32nd birthday. Alina and Jon babysat for us. Best babysitters ever! Scott and I went out for a very fancy dinner then hit up the clubs on Washington Ave. Or more like went to Texas Roadhouse for cheap steaks and then to Toys R Us to buy toys that we will soon be picking up off our floors and eventually throw away. Fun!

Cate changes clothes at least six times a day and Scott swears the number is at least twice that. Bottom line is, she goes through a lot of clothes everyday and we never know what she's going to be wearing when she comes out of her room. This is what she came out in pj pants tied around her neck like a halter top. When Scott told her she couldn't wear that to help him make fresh orange juice she yelled "you're ruining my life!"

Last night, Carter had five friends spend the night. It was so weird to wake up and see their cars parked in front of our house. When did this happen??? How do I have a child old enough to have friends that drive? He keeps reminding me that he gets his drivers permit in 8 months and then says "we will be getting a new car by then, right?" I think he's getting a little nervous about it because I heard him mention to Uncle Mike more than once today that he wouldn't object to him giving him the Porsche for his birthday :)

Scott took the day off tomorrow because I have a doctors appt. Cate is excited that he'll be taking her to school and picking her up. She said "I bet Mrs. Biewald is going to be so freaked out when she sees you". Ha! Brady says I am going to the dr to get my "babymaker" taken out. Which, unfortunately, probably isn't far from the truth. I'm working my way towards a hysterectomy. YUCK! Scotts reaction after my last appt was "You having surgery is going to totally suck for me!" Don't worry though, I have him trained well enough that he quickly back-tracked as soon as he realized what he said and then quickly walked out the door to buy me a fountain soda before I could unload on him! So, I go tomorrow to see what they have to say and probably get more blood tests run. And as if that isn't enough fun for one day, I then have to volunteer in Brady's class helping with gingerbread houses. Double Yuck! I still have nightmares about Bennett's class and the boy that licked the icing off his knife and then dipped it back into the shared bowl of icing. I had to throw away that bowl and I removed Bennett from that pod before I threw up. But since Scott volunteered on leaf painting day last month, no way am I gettng out of this one. Got my stash of Germ-X and Clorox wipes ready!!

Have a Great Week! 14 Days Til Christmas!!

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