Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Afternoon

Aunt Fran and Uncle Mike hosted the Christmas afternoon celebration. After dining on a delicious turkey dinner {because Mike made Fran leave town over the real turkey holiday :) } we had a chaotic, loud, very jolly gift exchange. Thankfully, Fran has a zillion square foot basement that made it more than comfortable to celebrate with 24 of our nearest and dearest!

Cate and cousin Maddox

Teaching Uncle Mike to use her new laptop :)

Uh oh. Fran was not happy with the love Cate was showing Jenny!!

That's all the pictures I took. I know, it's like I only have one child. But whatevs.

The aftermath.

This is only one of the piles of new clothes. I've folded them and continue to move the piles from table to bar and back if they're going to sort, wash, and put away on their own. In reality, I need to clean out at least 25% of each closet before I can even think about putting any of this stuff away. I'm hoping to get to that before March :)

And that concludes another wonderful lucky we are to have such an awesome family to share it with!!!

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