Friday, December 16, 2011

Fa La La La La La La La La

Lots of Christmas activities going on this week. First up, Cate's Family Fun Day at her school. She was so excited that Mau Mau was going along with us (huge thanks to my mom for her help with Hadley!)

Cate and Reid making a mitten picture frame. We made it through 11 activity rooms, but didn't get her picture taken with Santa. She said she'd already talked to him at the mall and didn't need to do it again! However, Santa did tell Reid that he was getting EVERYTHING on his list this year :) (guess that's what happens when your dad works at the board office with said Santa!) She fits in her locker just fine :)
That night, Bennett had his 4th grade Christmas program. For our family reading this, sorry you weren't invited! Bennett made us promise that we would not tell anyone because he was mortified about performing in front of everyone! He cried and begged us not to mention it so for weeks we have held his secret. Then, Tuesday night at 10pm, he said that it would be ok if we told MauMau, Papa, Grammy and Papa!The three 4th grade classes sang 8 songs and they did a really fantastic job! My favorite was "Do You Hear What I Hear" brought tears to my eyes.
Still embarrassed and so glad it's finally over!

And finally, tonight, we took the kids to the Way of Lights. I'd heard horror stories about the outrageous traffic and crowds on Friday and Saturday nights, so we arrived around 5:15....just as the park was opening and the sun was setting. The camel rides and petting zoo were almost empty when we got there but packed by the time we left. Perfect timing!


Carter has just one final this week and then he's done with the semester....half-way finished with his freshman year. Unreal. Everyone else in the house has four days of class this week. I admit that I'm a big fan of the shorter Christmas vacation this year. The 17 days off last year were a bit much. So, we'll enjoy this short break, enjoy our family and friends, and all things Christmas and hopefully have plenty of time to rest up before our Disney trip....just 24 short days away!!

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