Saturday, December 31, 2011

City Museum

When Uncle Doug and family are in town over Christmas, we always go somewhere fun on the 26th. This year they chose the City Museum. I was apprehensive about going because I thought it would be packed and I've heard horror stories about how unsafe it is (there is an entire website dedicated to lawsuits against CM!). However, it turned out to be the perfect adventure and the kids loved it! When we got out of the car, Cate immediately declared she was NOT climbing up to those airplanes!

This is a picture taken from the official City Museum website. It is literally a playground created out of concrete, steel, tile, old chimneys, old bridges....basically anything and everything you can think of. There are tiny crawlspaces leading to caves and slides...made me wish I hadn't eaten 42 cookies the day before! Oh and there are no rules. The only people working there are the ticket takers and concessions crew. At least I never saw anyone walking around making sure everyone was being safe!

When I said that this reminded me of Goonies, Bennett said "What in the world is Goonies?" Ugh.

Most laid back train ever. In fact, the conductor and Cate sported the same exact pose.

This huge room was filled with bike/skateboard-like ramps. Carter was able to run up a ramp and climb to the ceiling
Cate must have repeated a thousand times that she was not going to climb up to the airplanes, but as soon as we went outside, away she went!
Uncle Mike, Brady, and Cate in the cockpit of a shell of an airplane. As official family photographer, I followed, but I did not love being that high above the ground!

Tim, Scott, Doug, and Nona...this was taken from a platform on the way up to the airplanes

The City Museum was a really great place for my kids. They are pretty fearless and loved all of the climbing and slides. However, I would not recommend this to "helicopter parents" or anyone who gets freaked out when their kids are out of their view. And if you're afraid of heights, don't go outside or to the roof top!

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