Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

We went all out this year for the 4th of July....even decorated the exterior of our home with good ole' red, white, and blue. We spent our first celebration of the day at Scott's Grandma's house swimming and eating lunch. Brady and Bennett raced the entire time and Cate showed off her underwater swimming skills.

Brady, Reece, and Cate looking for frogs...there's a family that lives in the hot tub :)

Bennett diving in to torture Uncle Josh

Dang White Boy...get some sun!!

Cate loves when Aunt Fran pushes her in Bau Bau's wheelchair! They took a lot of rides :)

For dinner, we headed to my moms. Minus me. When we got home, I came down with a case of the pukes and stayed in bed. Scott said her Italian Chicken was delicious and he didn't bring me any leftovers :(

Celebration #3-Granite City has a really fantastic 4th of July celebration and an awesome fireworks show to end the weekend. Best in the area and this year was the best I've ever seen. We set up our seats in the Coolidge field with Grammy and Bau Bau and patiently waited for the sun to go down and the fireworks to start.

Cate looking all festive in the shirt I made her. Uh, huh, that's right, I sew.
What's not to love about The Rive?
Cody and Brady chillin' before the show starts

Fireworks started and so did Cate's dancing....
By the end of the show, both Bennett and Cate were nearly asleep.

It took us about ten minutes to drive the 1.6 miles home. We are always trying to figure out the fastest route to get through the ridiculous traffic and this year wasn't too bad!

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