Wednesday, July 27, 2011


B-NUT is Bennett's nickname on his baseball team...he doesn't mind it unless Brady says it :) Anyhoo, Bennett was chosen again this year to represent his team in the league All-Star Game. Because our team won the league, they were able to choose four players to play in the game and Scott got to coach. It was a very hot night (but what night lately hasn't been very hot??) our boys played great and we won!

Bennett, Kyan, and Connor...representin'!

Bennett hit a double that tied the game at 2-2...we ended up winning 6-2

MauMau would not be happy to see Cate laying down and eating...this is a BIG no-no with her :)

Scott did a really great job coaching the team. He spent a lot of time figuring out the line-up so each kid got to play in their favorite positions and all have equal playing time. The above picture is of Mr. Positive giving a great speech after the game about how awesome they all played and he pointed out a specific play each kid made that impressed him....which impressed me :)


All teams/ages in the baseball league were invited to the Grizzlies Baseball game last night and all 1st place teams received their medals. Bennett was really excited to get to parade around the field and meet the players. As usual, we had a huge cheering section for Ben...17 fans to be exact :)

My dad ran down to the field to high-five our boys :)
Mr. Positive was interviewed on the field and gave a typical Scott answer...."we had a really good year and the kids had a lot of fun. We won some really great games and lost a few hard-fought ones. I'm proud of every player and it was an honor to coach them".


Scott and The Rive may never learn to play nice.
Cate loved the inflatables
Another successful baseball night!

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