Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grants Farm

On Wednesday, Grammy, Fran, and Bau Bau joined us for an afternoon at Grant's Farm. It was very hot and very humid but we all had a great time.

Carter fell asleep on the tram ride until an animal walked right up and nearly licked him in the face :)

These buffalo were hanging out on the bridge and we had to wait until they moved before we could cross. Brady thought that was very cool!
Cate, Brady, and Carter enjoy feeding the goats...Bennett, not so much

The elephant show was a hoot...Budweiser, the main attraction, was not cooperating at all. He refused to participate in any of his stunts and then urinated about 10 gallons all over the place. He then pooped 50lbs of crap and continued to pick it up and throw it all over himself. His keepers were less than thrilled

Starting to flood the stage

Stomping around in his poo

Did I mention it was very very hot? Cate spent a lot of time in the misting sprayers

Lunch in the Tier Garten

Carter danced and sang all day long. He always does. I finally yelled "Carter! Your life is not a stage!!"

The music inspired Fran to teach Carter how to dance for real....POLKA!

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