Monday, July 25, 2011


AMF bowling has a great summer program...2 free games per kid for everyday of the summer. Just sign up online and each Sunday, they email coupons. Last week, we joined Crista, Logan and Hunter for a few games...the kids had a great time and it cost me less than $10!

Bennett had great form and Scott was a little worried that bowling may be his best sport :)

Cate danced the entire time and her skirt was always in motion!

Brady also danced the entire time...and "helped" Cate bowl. Which usually meant he tried to push her ball down the ramp and she would scream at!

Somebody's beating her big brother :)

Mr. Crabby. Most teachers are happiest during the summer. Not Mr. Smallie. I think it's because he needs structure and a schedule everyday. He wakes up and starts whining.."what are we doing today? I'm soooo bored". I told him next year he's teaching summer school!

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