Saturday, July 9, 2011


This weekend both Carter and Brady are playing in a 3v3 soccer tournament. A lot of people love these tournaments, however, I do not :) The games are played on small fields and they last just 24 minutes....which means they play more games than a normal tournament. Between the two boys, they played seven games today (and another 4-6 tomorrow). We were at the fields from 8:30am-3:30 and it was very very hot. We took our easy-up tent and set it up next to teammates for a total of 7 tents and plenty of shade. But it was still ridiculously hot!!!

Brady's team played in the u7 division. It was his very first time playing 3v3 and he played great. Won some, lost some and scored four goals....not a bad start!

Carter's team played in the u13 division. They won 2 and lost 2. Carter scored several goals, but I'm really bad at keeping score at this level. In their 9-6 victory, I had them losing 3-1. Clearly, I am not cut out to be an official scorekeeper.

Cate loved playing with the other little sisters. I do not need to obsess over it anymore than I already have but Lylah (the little girl in white) and Cate are the same age. Do you notice the difference in hair length? I made Lylah rub her ponytail over Cate's hair to encourage growth!!

Coach Broshow giving the boys a half-time pep talk! I'm gonna guess Carter was zoned out and thinking "what in the hell are you wearing on your head?"

Carter played on field #20 and Brady on field #1. Of course it always works that way. So, we set up camp at Brady's fields and walked over to Carter's games. During one of Carter's games, I looked around to find Cate had hijacked another teams tent and portable bench!

During half-time of Brady's game, Carter and Cate took the field. Cate wanted nothing to do with the ball, she just wanted to run fast in her new running skirt and dri-fit tank.

Cate (notice the wardrobe change...the boys had water guns out) loves to ride on our "game day" wagon-as we like to call it. It comes in very handy when needing to haul a tent, minimum of three chairs, at least one cooler, toy bag, and one toddler. It has mesh pockets up front for my phone and the best part is that it folds down accordion style to a very small square which saves a lot of space in the van. Need to give a shout-out to BauBau for buying it for Scott for Father's Day. He appreciated the food gift card, I appreciated this!!!!

Yes, we're back to this. See Lylah's hair in this picture? THAT'S JUST HALF OF IT! The other ponytail is still on the other side of her head. Her dad is a minister, so maybe he spent extra time praying that Lylah's hair would grow thick and long. Funny story: at one point this morning when the girls were playing, Cate did not want to share her Disney princess dolls with Ella (girl in the pink) so she picked the dolls up and put them in the wagon so no one could get them. That sent Ella running to her mom crying...which Cate couldn't have cared less about. Ugh! About an hour later, Ella walks up to me and says "your sister over there doesn't know how to share very well". And I said "my sister?!! Why you're the smartest little girl I've ever met and you're right, my sister doesn't share well at all, but you can play with whatever you want! " DUH! Of course she would think we're sisters...Cate is 3 and obviously I look no older than 18. Damn, that made my day!!!!

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DoWaaDitty said...

In the defense of Cate's poor little hair, I was bald until I was at least 2.. and only then did we start to get a little peach fuzz, curl at the bottom in the back action. Hang in there, there's still hope!