Friday, July 15, 2011

3v3 cont.

On the second day of the 3v3 tournament, Carter and Brady had another five games between the two of them. Bennett was guest playing in the World Series baseball tournament for the St. Louis Pirates so Scott went to Ofallon with him. Thankfully, my parents kept Cate at home because it was the hottest day ever and she would have been miserable. Naturally both of Carter's games were at the same time as Brady's and six fields apart so I ran back and forth as best I could. Ok, truth be told, I mostly watched Brady's games :) 6yr olds are so cute playing soccer and I've put in 8 years of watching Carter's games so far.....This is the only picture I got of Carter all day. His team finished in 4th place and will be heading to Cedar Rapids Iowa in August for another tournament...then on to Disney again in January!

Brady's team won 3rd place. In their first game Sunday, they beat a team they had lost to the previous day. Brady scored 5 goals...he was on fire!!! When he plays, it is VERY obvious he has two older brothers that beat the crap out of him at home. He never backs down on the field and rolls right over everyone :)

Their final game came down to sudden death overtime and then penalty kicks. Can you believe penalty kicks for 6 year olds?! They choose three kids to shoot for each team, ball is placed on half-line, and they shoot on an open goal. Both Brady and Johnny made their shots and the other team missed theirs. Stinks that a game has to be decided that way, but we'll take it! Brady was so excited to earn a medal..he slept with it on his pillow :)

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