Sunday, June 12, 2011

Writers Block = Random Post

I may regret buying Cate these butterfly wings....obviously she has my obsessive personality because she has yet to take them off. Isn't it great how our kids inherit our worst traits? (another example would be the boys having Scott's attitude issues, ahem).

Trying to vacuum up a bag of tootsie rolls...

who doesn't wear wings to a carnival?

We finally made our summer list. It looks a lot like last years but this year I will make it to IKEA (without the kids). On Friday, we made an impromptu trip to Raging Rivers so I can cross that was fun! I would post pictures but my camera didn't have a memory card. Maybe my sister will send me a few that she took...hint, hint.

I should also make a list of home improvement projects that I'd love to have done by the end of summer. First up, painting the red living room. I was all excited to get started on it until Scott started on I'm kinda over it and am trying to hide out til he's done. You can tell by this picture how thrilled he is about it. These fabric samples are my color inspiration....aren't they fabulous?!

No way this can end well. She thinks that wearing the hood makes her invisible.

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