Wednesday, June 22, 2011


On Saturday, Scott, Grammy, and Bennett spent the entire day (5:30am-1am) in Jacksonville for one baseball game that was delayed 13 hours. Seriously. You can only imagine how upset I was that we decided I would stay home and take Brady to a birthday party. Anyway, to ease the pain of Scott being gone all day, Cate thought Target would be the best place to make her feel better. In typical Cate fashion, she made the short trip an experience.

Cate: "Mooom, you are going the wrong way!"
Me: "No I'm not, this is the way to Target"
Cate: "No it's not. We are going the wrong way"
Me: "This is the highway that takes us there"
Cate: "Dammit!! Take me home right now! I'm calling my daddy and telling him you are going the wrong way to Target!"
Brady: "Ohhhhhh, Cate said the "d-word"

Catching fireflies at Brady's game tonight

Woohoo! Fist-full of bugs

"This one is my favowit"

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