Friday, June 24, 2011

Potty Girl

I have only found one upside to Cate being potty trained...we haven't had to buy diapers in months. Not even pull-ups since Scott thinks they're the "stupidest things ever". (don't even go there...) The list of "why I hate Cate being potty trained" is a lot longer. Here's my biggest issue....public bathrooms. I'm not a fan. Example: five years ago, we drove straight through from Myrtle Beach...16 hours...and I held it the whole way. That's how much I hate public bathrooms. However, Miss Cate is obsessed with visiting every bathroom we pass and when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. I'm really trying to loosen up about it, but I'm definitely struggling. The most annoying is when she has to go while swimming. Apparently being in the water makes her bladder weak :)

Cate: "Mommy, I have to go potty"

Me: "Ok, with me or daddy?" (Again? Seriously? Would it kill you to pee in the pool? All these other kids are doing it!)

Cate: "You, in the girls bathroom"

Me: "Great" (shit, shit, shit....I hate this!)

Me: "Where are your shoes???"

Cate: "No time, gotta go bad" runs off

Me: (omg, my child is in a public bathroom with no shoes on. I will not puke, I will not puke. Please don't pick stall's high traffic. Damn, she's in #3. Oh no, the seat is wet. Is it from pee or a swim suit? Where are the Clorox wipes?) "Cate, let me wipe off the seat first."

Cate: "Too late, I'm going. Yay me I'm going! Hear it mom? Sounds like rain"

Me: "Good job. Don't touch the handle or the trash can!!!"
The next few minutes are spent washing hands and then she's off and jumping back into the pee-filled pool. Childhood is so gross.

Doing the "pee pee dance" on her way to the bathroom. No, that's not pee on the ground in front of her...Brady was blasting her with his water gun!

Maybe spending so much time underwater is causing these frequent sensations

. And once she was 100% everyday all day, we started working with her being independent to go on her own, wipe, flush, and wash hands. This is very important to me....I want her to be completely self sufficient at school. The thought of someone having to change her diaper or help wipe really freaks me out. And I really trust and love her teachers, but it still freaks me out. So now, she announces she has to go, puts her seat on the toilet, climbs up there, does her business, wipes front and back thoroughly (I check!) clothes back on, flush, wash hands and there ya have it....Potty Training 101**Passing with flying colors with still two full months before preschool. I think we got it :)

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