Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair Woes

I have come to the conclusion that I'm never going to get over it, so I might as well blog about it. Of course I'm talking about Cate's hair. It has been the cause of many sleepless nights for me and I'm not kidding. Best way to explain this is with pictures, so stay with me...

Day 1. Cate was born with very blond (shocking, right?!) fuzzy chicken hair. So cute! Dr. D immediately announced "She's blond, just like the rest of you!"

10 months-she may be walking, but she's definitely not growing any hair

18 months-it's almost growing :)

28 months-BOOM! Look at that thick, curly, luscious hair. To die for, right?

33 months-just five short months later and Cate's hair is falling out, breaking off, super straight and thin. This picture shows where her bangs broke off and no, her hair isn't in a's just no longer there!!! AAAGGHHH!!! We had come so far!! We took her to the doctor and they ran blood tests to make sure there was nothing medically wrong and thankfully everything checked out fine. So, we will probably never know what caused this hair drama. Here are my thoughts: 1-Cate had (and still has) terrible cradle cap. We put some medicated oil stuff (per dr. instructions) on her scalp and then used a comb to remove the crusty skin. This seems like the most logical culprit. 2-Cate's hair turned an awful shade of green during the summer due to the chlorine in the pools. We bought a special clarifying shampoo that could have been too harsh and ended up damaging her hair. 3-After spending the entire spring and summer outside in the sunshine, fall/winter brought her indoors and maybe her hair suffers from seasonal depression?? Or she missed baseball season so much that her hair fell out??

39 months-it's making a comeback!! Grow baby grow!! No it's not thick and there's zero curl (sniff sniff), but it's definitely getting longer and she has bangs again!

And it blows in the wind...woohoo!!!

I know that in the grand scheme of things, Cate's hair length and texture is a minor issue, but....*sigh* I really loved her thick curly hair. Why does Bennett get to be the only one with great hair (that he just had completely shaved off)? Why does she have to have Brady's hair (who has only had 6 haircuts in 6 years...and I'm not exaggerating)? I'm not asking for Taylor Swift crazy thick curls but is braiding length too much to ask for?? I guess on the bright side, Scott has been gifted with more time to learn how to do ponytails :) So, for now, we'll continue to lock her outside in the sun and hope her hair starts growing as fast as our grass! Stay tuned..I'm hoping that her hair will be amazing by the end of summer :)

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