Monday, June 20, 2011

More Bradyisms...

I overheard this yesterday on the way to go swimming at Scott's grandmas house...

Brady: "Cate, do you know why you don't have any shoes with you? It's because our parents are irresponsible".

This evening:

Me: "Boys! Your dad and Cate ran to the gas station to get gas for the lawn mower and I am going to the grocery store. Behave yourselves and no fighting!"

Brady: "Hey guys!! You know what that means...NO. ADULT. SUPERVISION. PAR-TEEEE!"

He's a punk. Scott and I always joke that if we survive his teenage years, we're going to be so worn down that Cate will be able to do whatever she wants. We'll hand her the car keys, $100 bucks, and tell her to come back home...sometime.

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