Friday, June 24, 2011

First Swim Meet

Last night was the first swim meet of the season. It was an away meet and it was a long one. Very long and very unorganized. Dear SSH takes a lot of people to run a swim meet. Everyone needs to help out. Yes, that includes you, Mrs. I -just -text- the -concession- stand -to- bring -me -my -second- pitcher -of -wine -so- I -can -finish -off -this- sushi. For real. I am so thankful for our teams swim parents and their willingness to help out whenever needed (especially since Scott and I are head timers again this year).

Carter, Ben, and Brady are all swimming again this year. Here is my morning practice schedule: Carter 8:30-10:00, Brady 9:45-10:45, Bennett 10:45-11:45. Do I even need to mention how long my mornings are? Moving on. Last nights meet was a great success for the boys. Both Carter and Bennett moved up an age group this year and each had a new event that they were really worried about. Carter dreaded the 100 backstroke(4 laps) and Bennett the I.M(fly, back, breaststroke, free...4 laps is alot for a 9 yr old!) However, they both did awesome...Carter finishing 1st and Bennett 2nd. They were so relieved after they finished. Brady finished first in both his fly and back and we haven't seen the final scores of their other races. In other words...besides the 40 minute delayed start, 70 degree breezy temperature, and not getting home til 10:45, it was a great night!!!

Brady swimming butterfly. I have no idea why this has always been my boys' favorite stroke

Bennett a.k.a. Mr. Smiley..smiling through his freestyle!

Carter in-between races. It was definitely cold enough for jackets and blankets...definitely not typical for late June in St Louis!


Jen said...

I thought you loved to swim fly?

Adriane said...

Great job to all the boys!!! What a beautiful butterfly Brady has!