Friday, April 22, 2011

Storms, Fractures, and Naughty 3yr Olds

Be warned....totally random post below.

We've had some crazy storms lately...and lots of them. Tornado warnings=being forced to sit in the basement and do nothing but watch tv. I heart tornado warnings.

Scary sky outside our front window!


Last Sunday, Carter was kicked in the face during his soccer game. By a foot. He complained a little after the game, but didn't say much other than it was sore. Each day the pain got worse and yesterday, Scott called me from school to say that Carter was in a lot of pain and couldn't eat his lunch. I thought his lack of talking this week was just my prayers finally being answered ;) Anyway, I took him to the doctor who sent us for x-rays and turns out he has a hairline fracture of the mandible. Guess telling him all week to "suck it up" was bad parenting. Oops. There's nothing they can do for him, but the doc did prescribe some Tylenol with codeine for the pain. He should be good as new in about a week.

My illustration to show where the fracture is :) You can still see where his face is red/swollen. He also has lots of sores inside his mouth on the jawline from the trauma. Fun!


I'm becoming very aware that the 3's are way worse than the 2's. (Yes, Cate is my 4th child to go through the 3's, but everything with girls is so much more hard core!) Into everything, Miz Cate is. Last week while we were eating at Chevy's, she finished her entire lunch and asked to get down. She was very quiet standing behind my chair and I turned around to find her filling up her shoe with sand from the plant!

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