Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Thursday

Things I did order.
Brady to school
Cate to my parents house
Bennett to Podiatrist
Bennett to school
Quik Trip
Big River Running Co (South St. Louis)
Early Childhood Center
My parents house
Coolidge Middle School
Business Equipment Center
My parents house
Golf Course
My parents house
Brady and Bennett's 2 hr. soccer practice
Home to pick up Carter and Scott
Steak N Shake
I left this morning at 8am and walked back in the door tonight at 9pm. Those stops back at home throughout the day totaled 25 minutes. Longest. Day. Ever. Tonight, at Steak n Shake, I wrote the above list on my placemat and Scott gave me a very loud standing ovation...he is such an ass. (I think I at least deserved a thank-you)
On a great-parenting note....Scott and I have teased Bennett about his lack of running skills forever. Today we found out he has Sever's disease (severe) in both feet. He was fitted for orthotics and will have to wear a boot on each foot (one at a time) until they heal. If we chose not to treat it, he would not be able to play sports until he is finished growing (15-17 yrs old).
As a family, we have decided to cut-out all fast food for 30 days. Subway does not count. And apparently, Steak n Shake, when eaten inside the restaurant, does not count. If we succeed, everyone gets to pick a new pair of shoes...whatever they want. Missing the actual food isn't the's missing the convenience of running through a drive-thru that will be the hard part.
In other news, I've been asked to watch Miss Hadley a few days a week. 8 weeks old and just as sweet as can be. If it weren't for the three toddlers running around and getting into everything because they knew I was occupied, I would have sat on the couch and cuddled with this baby all day long. Cate's room is almost finished. Painting is complete but I have to finish up the dresser and side table. I found the coolest art canvas that ties all of the colors it. This is a picture of the blue paint vs. the primer(top of wall) I had to use on the walls. The blue is a very very light shade and when finished, it looks great. I love it!

Cate convinced Scott it was ok to go to the store in pants with silk pj's short over them, a polka dot dress, her coat, and flip flops. 'Throwing in the white towel' is how he describes his discipline tactics with her.

And one last picture...Scott and the boys (which means Brady) are creating a raised bed to grow vegetables. Today, my dad dropped by and built two raised beds and delivered some compost. I can't wait to eat fresh tomatoes picked right out of my yard.

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