Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Cate: (in her most excited voice) "Moooommmmm, the Easter bunny is sleeping on our back porch!!!!!"
Shit, this can't be good.
And it wasn't. Apparently our not-so-vicious dog Buddy...whose meanest moments are when he barks at himself a wascally wabbit. I have no proof of this other than he was outside part of the morning and a dead rabbit then appeared on our porch. I assume death by broken neck? No blood and neither dog showed any interest in it once it was "sleeping". Another mystery unsolved. Anyway, I was not going to dispose of this animal. I could just picture that stupid rabbit jumping up as soon as I got close enough. I text Scott at work and his response was "have Brady take care of it when he gets home". Yes, Brady is only 6, but he's most definitely the 2nd leading man in this family (and barely 2nd at that!). Of course, Cate was enthralled by this bunny. She crouched down to get a better look and would hush anyone near as to not wake it from it's nap! When Brady walked in the door after school I told him the situation, he changed clothes, grabbed a shovel and heaved it over the fence so Scott could take it to its final resting place later. What a man!

Hope that bunny wakes up before Easter morning!

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