Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Team Smallie survived another Easter. Barely. Ben and Brady spent the night at Uncle Josh's Saturday night, so Cate got to color all of the eggs by herself. Well, Cate and Scott :) (I'm the official family photographer)

This was her very favorite

Sunday morning, Brady called at 7am ready to come home. So much for sleeping in :) The kids had their egg hunt and Brady was a bit disappointed that the Easter bunny didn't leave any candy in his basket. Too bad sucka! This Easter bunny knows that there will be plenty of candy in baskets at the grandparents. I opted for practical gifts this year :)

Here is the Family Foto Easter 2011. Awesome, right?! Carter's hair is clearly out of control. He's getting it cut on Wednesday. That bowl on the table?? Worms of course. Cate collected lots so she could go fishing at my parents house. So gross.

Uncle Josh saved the day and hid eggs at Grammy's house in between rain storms. Good thing Cate was prepared with her new rain boots!

Our kids behavior was less than stellar at my parents house Sunday night. I could offer up lots of excuses for the heathens....exhausted, over-stimulated, sugar rush, etc.....but in reality, sometimes even the greatest kids act like heathens. We forgive them.

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