Sunday, April 24, 2011


For Ben's birthday yesterday, he got to spend the day doing what he loves most...playing baseball. His team had two games in Jacksonville, IL and they ended up winning one and losing one. The weather was a perfect 70 degrees and much better than the cold rain back home :) I'll post some pics for those that didn't make the trip (ahem, my parents)

Cate and her friend Drake chased bubbles for a long time. Drake is the funniest kid dramatic (guess that's why they get along)!

"The bubbles are coming, the bubbles are coming"

"Nooo, not the bubbles!"

"It's going to get me!!!"

"Aaaahhhh, it got me!"


After Scott chewed Ben out for having a bad attitude, I'm pretty sure I know where he would have liked to stick that bat :)


Looking at Brady inside the dugout. This is right before he was "banished" (his word of the week) from playing in the dugout during the game :)

A special dessert for a special birthday boy!

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