Saturday, January 8, 2011

These Are The Days Of Our Lives....

I finally got around to buying and filling out our 2011 calendar. It took me 92 minutes to fill in birthdays, school stuff, soccer, and other misc. crap. I avoided adding Scott's highschool baseball schedule...I was out of tissues and I'm sure it will make me cry...along with all three boys spring soccer schedules and Ben and Brady's baseball. We have lots of weekend sports trips scheduled too...Nashville for me in April (1/2 marathon w/Jen & Ness {girls, once it's noted on the blog, it's official, no going back!!}), Chicago for soccer, Memphis & Kentucky for baseball...should be another super-busy year. I chose a bright pink calendar this year to liven things up. It hangs prominently on the front of our fridge and everyone knows I am the only one who can write on it. Sharpie markers only. And the day CAN NOT be crossed off til after's bad luck. The yearly fridge calendar is one of the most important things in our house and in case of fire, it's the third thing I grab on my way out the door (of course my external hard drive and photo albums are #1 & 2...sorry kids). Four more days til we leave for Disney!!! Let the list-making and packing begin :)

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