Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bad Parenting

During our final hours at Disney, I had what some may consider a bad parenting moment. We were caught in a storm at the Wide World of Sports and decided to head back to our hotel to beat the crowd and make sure we made the airport bus in time. The tournament wasn't officially cancelled yet, but we knew the rain delay would push his final games back to our flight time, so we (and two others) threw in the white towel. Anyway, the walk from the complex to our bus was far. And did I mention it was raining? Hard? The dilemma...I only had three rain-ponchos. Six people, three ponchos. "This was a See-wee-us pwoblem" My for Carter, one for Brady, and one for....wait for it...wait for Kate Spade bag! Sorry Ben, but like I told him...he would dry and leather stains! Don't judge :)
I have no idea why Scott is still smiling at this point! Carter was obviously mad about having to leave and possibly miss out on his final games.
Turns out our luggage was already at the airport. Luckily, Scott and I had packed a change of clothes for the kids in our backpacks. As for the tournament, they decided to resume play after 1:00 and let shoot-outs decide the winners. But in the end, tornado warnings caused Disney to close the complex and they based the standings on points. Carter's team ended up in 6th place in the top division!

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