Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney...Day 2

This is a picture of the snack drawer in our hotel room. We filled one duffel bag with food from was a great idea (thankyouverymuch)...the kids had plenty of food to hold them over between meals. Scott and I each carried a backpack through the parks filled with their favorite snacks...saved us a lot of money On Thursday, we went to Magic Kingdom. Bennett woke up feeling terrible and declared he did not want to leave the hotel room. I may have answered with something like "Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth and dammit we're going to act like it". Poor Ben. But seriously, Disney is hard enough to walk through feeling wasn't nearly as fun for him considering he was sick, hates rides, and hates to walk. In fact, he told me if we ever go back, he's staying home with MauMau! Thankfully he started to feel better the next day.

I'll be honest, I was not a Disney enthusiast before our trip. It seemed like the worst vacation imaginable...tons of people, long lines, outrageous prices, and a schedule of daily events leaving absolutely no down time. But the minute I walked into Magic Kingdom, I was sold. Bigtime. This place is incredible. So clean and happy. Every "cast member" was super-friendly and helpful. The kids loved it too!

As soon as we arrived, the first parade started.

Ariel is Cate's favorite Disney princess. She was excited to hold her hand!

Carter and Brady loved all of the rollercoasters (especially Space Mountain)..they rode them over and over again. Few lines on Thursday! This picture was taken at Big Thunder Mountain. Bennett and I rode it together. He does not like rollercoasters but he rode it twice.

Parade #2. All of the characters walked over for Cate to give high-5's!

Every princess needs a light-up magic wand!

Carter and Aunt Fran waiting for the Electrical Parade

Scott and I did not love being at the parks at night. It was so dark and it made it hard to keep an eye on all of the kids. We had one scare (that I have probably forgotten to tell my mom about). During the night parade, Ben was sleeping in Cate's stroller....when it was over, we tried to wake him to load Cate up and head back to the hotel. Scott tried to get him up, but he wouldn't respond. We thought he was fake sleeping and Scott grabbed him by the front of his coat and lifted him out of the seat. Ben fell right back in, never waking up. Scott was about one second from calling for paramedics when Ben started to stir. Scared me to death! Scared Carter too..he is still talking about it!
At the end of Day 2, we decided 8 hours wasn't enough time for Magic Kingdom, so we decided to skip Epcot on Sunday and head back to MK.

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