Sunday, January 2, 2011

Poor Bwady

"Poor Bwady, he so sad"-Cate. Today, Bennett was invited to go to dinner and Dave'nBusters with his friend, Bub. This made lil Brady very sad :( He's at a rough age where most of his friends are Bennett's friends, but they're more Bennett's friends than his. Does this make sense? When they're over here, they all play great together and Brady can definitely keep up, but when Ben is invited to their house, Brady feels left out. This always makes me feel terrible. Yes, I know Bennett deserves and needs to be with his friends by himself, but I also feel like we've created this problem. See, Brady plays 2-3 age groups up on his soccer and baseball teams, so he's actually on teams with kids in Bennett's class. And because he is one of the oldest in his kindergarten class and so used to being around older kids, he doesn't really relate to many of the boys in his class (the girls are a completely different story). Therefore, he doesn't have any friends his age that he hangs out with outside of school. I have no idea how to remedy this situation other than to tell him that his time will come when he gets to have his own sleepovers with his own friends and Bennett won't be invited. So, when Bennett is invited somewhere without Brady, we usually end up taking him wherever he chooses to was ice skating. Ahhh, it's rough being the little brother! Brady eating a dilly bar that Grammy bribed him with after taking Bennett to the movies! It worked :) All suited up for a big roller hockey game against himself downstairs

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