Monday, January 24, 2011

Disney...Day 6 {final day}

Monday was our final day in Florida. Boo hoo. And it was a wet one. Carter's 8:30am game started on time, but was called right after half-time because of lightening. Then the rain started. Hard, cold rain....with no end in sight. Our flight was at 3 and the bus for the airport was leaving our hotel at 12, so we knew we probably weren't going to be able to stay for anymore games if they decided to resume play. We headed back to the hotel in the midst of a downpour. Three ponchos...three Kate Spade leather purse...sorry Bennett :) Once back to the hotel, we received word that the tournament would try and restart after 1pm if it stopped raining. No way we could do that, so off to the airport we went. Our bus driver to the airport was so dorky but Brady just loved him! He belly-laughed at all of his awful jokes. It was so funny.

Bunch of wet dogs trying to catch a bus. Love that Carter is still wearing his pink soccer shoes, yellow poncho, and pulling Cate's minnie mouse luggage. HAHA!

Cate in fresh clothes...waiting for our Magical Express bus.
The gang enjoying our last meal together...Chili's at the airport. YUM-O
A lady sitting next to us just happened to be a balloon lady! She whipped out her tools and created the coolest balloon characters I've ever seen. Cate loved her mermaid!
Scott apparently has a thing for laying on the floor at airports. I think he was just exhausted from having to drag six of us through security. Carter, of course, was randomly picked to be isolated in a glass box and searched...Scott had to go in with him. I was just waiting for him to break out his impressions of a mime in a box. I think at this point Fun Scott had left the building!

Everyone made it onto the plane in plenty of time and I'm happy to report everyone slept the entire flight. Well, except for Brady, but he was sitting with Fran and Bau Bau so his non-stop talking didn't wake me :) Tomorrow I'll post my final disney post (final..promise!).

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