Sunday, January 23, 2011

Disney...Day 5

At this point, I had completely lost all track of days and time! On Sunday, Carter had an early soccer game and because they won, they didn't play again until Monday morning. We loved Magic Kingdom so much on Thursday, that we decided to skip Epcot and head back there Sunday afternoon. And it was crowded. Nowhere near as crowded as what it is during "peak season", but so much more so than Thursday. Thankfully, the weather was kids would never have survived had it been really cold or super hot. Rides lines averaged about 45 minutes. Eh. We did get to see another parade, fireworks, and ride the rides we missed on Thurs. And Cate finally got to meet the princesses!Bennett took over camera duties during the fireworks

Every night when we got back to the hotel, Carter and Brady headed to the arcade and Bennett stayed back to watch tv and chill. On our last night, we had to pack all of our crap (no small feat)...Bennett managed to fall asleep on a bed full of souvenirs and suitcases.

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Jen said...

I've loved reading all of these! So glad you had a fantastic time and that it exceeded your expectations. Makes me ready to pack up and go!