Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Alarmist

Ms. Cate has started something that is not-so-great. She can often be heard screaming from the other room "HEEELLLLPPP" (although it sounds more like "hoowwwpp"). This usually forces us into a quick game of "rock paper scissors" to see who has to rescue her. We are laid back about it because it's always the same "emuhgency"....."my tv show is over" or "I can't find my pwincess book". My favorite is when she stomps into a room and declares "we have a see-wee-us pwoblem"...again, usually describing another tv issue or when Bennett has done something to tick her off. She has become very animated...always talking with her hands and I find it hilarious. Especially when she closes her eyes, raises her brows, and shakes her head. Cate is becoming quite the diva :)

She loves the snow...she was so excited when she looked out the window this morning!

This morning we went to the drop-in preschool class at ECC. They also opened a Thursday class, so we'll be going every week from now on. Cate absolutely loves it. In the picture above, she is calling MauMau to tell her about coyotes running in the fields by her house! And in the picture below, she is intently listening to Mr. Mark read a story

Diva? Yes. Style? No. When I got out of the shower, she was wearing four pairs of pjs and one dora and one minnie mouse sock.

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