Monday, September 20, 2010

Totally Jinxed Myself

I jumped the gun and our internet was not fixed. Boo hoo. 11 days later and we are finally up and running. For good. I hope. I actually had to switch to Charter internet because AT&T could not fix the problem once it was created. I have talked to more customer representatives in the last eleven days than most people will in their entire lifetime. My boys are having XBOX live withdrawals and I'll be happy when they can spend a few hours downstairs in front of the tv rather than pounding on each other every night :)

Let the catch-up blogging begin!!

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Umatter2Charter said...

Hello Debbie,

My name is Eric Ketzer, and I am a Manager with Charter. I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know if you ever need anything from us, you can contact us through e-mail at We are also on Twitter and Facebook, if you prefer to use those mediums. I can definitely relate to the need to get the XBOX up and running for your sanity, and we'll make sure that happens ASAP. Have a great week, Eric

Eric Ketzer
Social Media Communications Manager