Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catie "Bugger"

One interesting fact about me is that I'm not afraid of bugs. Spiders, moths, cockroaches, crickets..none of them seem to phase me. In our house, I'm in charge of taking care of all creatures not invited in. And nothing made me more proud than when the boys started yelling about a spider running across our living room and Cate jumped up, grabbed a shoe, and smashed it dead. That's my girl! So, we started bagging our "kills" and hanging them in our kitchen. Hey, don't judge me...we're cool!!
This huge spider was no match for my Cate!

Bag-O-Bugs displayed amongst my favorite pictures and Brady's artwork!

Her first's in about eight different pieces now because she loves to admire it :)
Big yellow-jacket that sent the boys running out of the room...

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Jen said...

So brave! I'm the bug catcher at my house too.