Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Baaaaccckkkkkkk....

Seven days without Internet service in our home. And we survived. Accidentally shutting your service off is no joke. They did a "hard disconnect" which meant that a service order for new Internet service had to be written. Seven day turn around on that ...."no, ma'am, there is no big red button that we push to start service". Since last Thursday, I have talked to seventeen different customer service representatives, three being different guys named Ishmael. None of these people gave me the same answer to my questions and only one spoke clear English. Took me 3 minutes to figure out that "tree" was really the number "three". Tonight I spent 95 minutes on one call and 89 minutes on a second. The only good things that have come out of this is that I was offered a huge discount for being a "new" Internet customer and my kids could not play XBOX live for a week -meaning they actually talked to us. So, long story short, I have lots of blogging to catch up on, but right now I'm exhausted and I'll just add a few pics of Miss Cate :) Sunday, she was a perfect soccer sister, hanging out and watching games for EIGHT HOURS straight. Here she is cooling off with "fweezing" towels.."oooh so cold!"
On Tuesday, we went to the drop-in preschool class at ECC. She loved it! Of course playing with the babies was her favorite

Today, I was really tired and needed some extra reinforcements to entertain Grace, Gabby, and Cate. So, Scott Smallie brought out the big bounce house. It was a success :) Yes, Cate is back into her Minnie Mouse jammies... she has been changing to leave the house, but then says her belly hurts and she needs them back on again. So, maybe she's down to just four hours a day in "normal" clothes, but it's a start!!!

Preview of what is still to come....Girls on the Run (I'm coaching, yikes), Carter's NHS recognition ceremony, Bennett's soccer debut, airshow...lots going on around here. Be back soon

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Adriane said...

Glad you are back!!!