Monday, September 20, 2010


Carter is in his final year of middle school....I still can't believe he'll be in highschool next year. Dear Lord, please send Carter through a massive growth spurt (up not out). Soon. Amen. On Tuesday, we attended his National Junior Honor Society initiation ceremony. At one point during Principal M's speech, she was talking about how this group of kids is CMS's most"elite" students and the "best of the best"...Carter actually stood up and looked around like he thought he was being punked! Who me? Elite? It was hysterical. Anyway, we are very proud of his acceptance into this club and I hope he makes the most out of this leadership program.Alina and Carter before the ceremony. They have been friends since kindergarten :)

Randi, Abbie, Carter and Alina.

Carter's biggest fans...aka his grandparents :)

Alina and Abbie love to torture Brady :)


Friday night was the first CMS dance of the school year. The theme was "school spirit" and everyone was dressed in red, white, and black. We dropped by to take pictures before heading to the first highschool home football game

Logan, Zack, and Carter. Now that's some school spirit!

Lexi and Abbie. I know what you're thinking...yes, Abbie borrowed my jean shorts

Cate ready for the first football game. The bow only lasted through the drive :(

Brady, Cate, and Bennett...ready for some football! GO WARRIORS! They won :)

Cate loved dancing at Carter's dance. She parked herself right by the dj and jumped around til we left!

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