Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singing the Blues

These past two weeks have been emotionally and mentally draining for me. I've been lost in a deep funk and I'm having a hard time finding my way out. Sports schedules, kids homework, bills, housework, and the zillion other commitments have been very overwhelming for me lately. Ugh, I hate feeling this way. The dream I had Thursday night pretty much sums it all up....
I was running as fast as I could towards a bridge, planning to jump off and hopefully sink to the bottom where I would finally be at peace. People were chasing me but I beat them to it (I said it was a dream) and jumped over the feet first into....clear blue, calm, warm water. *sigh* I swam my way to the side, hauled my wet ass home, only to get two feet in the door before I heard "What's for dinner?" "What took you so long?" "It's my turn to play XBOX". Even in my dreams, I can't catch a break!!!
Thankfully, we had a really great weekend...only one soccer game! I was ultra-productive...refinishing a piece of furniture, stained our kitchen/dining room island thing, and I even watched some tv. Which, for me, is amazing. I don't think I've watched a full tv show in at least three months. I think I'm finally seeing the light at the end of this crappy-mood tunnel.
Countdown is on for Brady's birthday....five more days :) Here's to a great Monday!

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Jen said...

Sorry to hear you're in a funk :( At least we have Girls Night this week! Can't wait to catch up!