Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stray Cat

For the last week, we've had a stray cat living on our front porch. The kids named it "Patches". I'm not much of a cat person...I hate pet hair! And cat pee is the worst smell ever. Anyway, there was no way we were keeping this cat, but it was sooooo skinny and pathetic looking that we did feed it. I called every shelter within 30 miles of our house and no one would take it. The Metro East Hum.ane Society said they might have an opening in the next week or two but it would cost me $30 to drop it off!

After a week of non-stop meowing, two attacks on my dog, swarms of flies, and a suspicious case of ringworm*, I called Animal Control and they came to get it. They were unable to catch it by hand so they used a trap. Cate thought all of this was very exciting! I bleached my front porch and power washed everything that cat came into contact gave me the heebie geebies!

Cate will miss "talking" to her little friend through the windows

*When Brady got out of the shower on Thursday morning, I noticed a quarter size blister on the back of his neck. I emailed his teacher and asked her to take a look at it and maybe send him to the school nurse. About an hour later she called to tell me it was ringworm. I almost died!! Just the night before I had watched a show about flesh-eating viruses and I couldn't call our pediatrician fast enough! They assured me that it's nothing more than a fungus that is often caused by being sweaty or sharing towels or sports equipment and that a lot of kindergarten kids develop these rashes. Then the nurse asked if we had a cat and that sometimes animals can spread ringworm to people, but it's very rare. And even though Brady never touched the cat and it didn't come into our house, I can't help but think that maybe that's how he got it. And the treatment for such a rash? A tube of jock-itch cream :) The nurse assured me he's not contagious and does not need to miss school..she said if that were the case, highschool wrestlers would miss most of the school year. GROSS!!!

So glad that's all over and done with.

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