Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Is Terrific!

Having a two-year old is the most's the best age. I am 100% certain of this because I've been through "13 ages" and in each of my kids baby books, I've written "age two has been the most fun". These days, Cate is an absolute blast to be around. Everything we do is an exciting adventure for her...from boring baseball practices to zoo trips and everything in between. Her laugh is contagious and I love listening to her talk about anything and everything. The other day while watching the Cardinals game they showed someone in the stands get hit by a foul ball. She said "Oh my goodness, that guy is hurt. He gonna go to hospital and get a neck brace. He gonna cry". I guess she is still a little traumatized by her crowd diving incident last month!

This is a conversation we had last night:

Cate: What you cooking for dinner?

Me: Macaroni and Cheese

Cate: We don't have no more. It's all gone.

Me: I have a box right here. (yes, that's the blue box of mac & cheese that I'm talking about...sorry mom)

Cate: Oh, you go to Schnucks and get more?

Miz Cate, you are the best and I can't wait for these smelly boys to start school next week so we can have lots of girl time together!!

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Anonymous said...

Those are the sweetest pictures of Cate!!