Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back To School

School starts tomorrow. You can just picture the huge smile on my face, right? THREE of my four kids in full-day school. I almost tear up just thinking about it...and not because I'm sad :) School supplies are bought and packed. School uniforms are washed and hanging in the prime spots in the closets. New shoes are lined up by the front door. We are ready. Well, probably not Cate. She is going to go nuts when she realizes that she's not only losing her daddy for the next nine months, but even worse..BRADY. I'm hoping she is so upset that it makes her want to nap everyday. Wishful thinking, I know. This should be the most exciting school year yet. Brady starts kindergarten...Bennett's 3rd grade class will be "big buddies" to the kindergarten classes (which to Bennett means, 'Brady's boss')...and Carter begins his final year of middle school. *gasp* In Mr. Smallie's homeroom and Social Studies classes *double gasp* I can just hear it now....
Mr. Smallie "Carter, do I need to call your mother?"
Carter "Dad, do I need to call my mother?"

I know Carter is worried about the dorky jokes Scott tells and Scott's worried about the endless eye rolling and under-his-breath mumbling Carter is notorious for. Should be a very entertaining year for everyone else in class. I promise frequent updates!

Tune in tomorrow for the "Annual 1st Day of School Picture". For now, I'll leave you with Cate's reaction to Brady starting school (that's her "mean" face)

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