Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Post

Nothing too exciting going on around here. We're getting adjusted to the school year schedule...so far so good. Here are some highlights and random pictures...

  • soccer season is in full swing. Carter's team practices three times a week, Brady and Bennett's teams practice twice a week. Games start next weekend.

  • you didn't misread that...Bennett has decided to play soccer. Goodbye $500.

  • I read a book. Took me three days. Reminds me of the good ole days before I had too many kids. Very inspirational book about running. Weird, I know.

  • Carter gushed to me for 30 minutes last night about how much he loves Scott's history class. "even the kids that usually sleep in the other classes love it and ask questions all hour".

  • One of Carter's friends, Demetrius, dad died in a motorcycle accident last week. So sad.

  • Scott is giving up his girls softball coaching job and taking the JV boys baseball team job. Pros: Starting next year, we will have kids in the baseball program for lots of years to come (I can't come up with the real math on how many years that is) Cons: requires lots more time than softball job.

  • Pool closes in six days. Totally stinks but ready for cooler weather.

  • Cate is only wearing her pwincess jammies dwess a few hours a day now.

  • Cate hasn't had a pacifier in five days. I think she's done with them. That would be 2-3 YEARS earlier than her brothers gave them up.

  • We're going to the Grizzlies baseball game tonight.

  • That's all I've got...enjoy some pictures :)

Carter ready to blow out his birthday candle. We only had the number "1" so I told him it just means he's #1.

Maddox came to the party. Looks like a Smallie baby to me :)

Cate loves her cheer poms (orange for Illini) and princess sunglasses

My parents are taking over (kind of?) the Old Six Mile Museum. Which means, we're all involved. I think my new title is 'Director of Marketing and Advertising'

Brady loves this old army hat on display at the museum.

Took a quick trip to the zoo Sunday morning before heading to Fran's to celebrate Uncle Mike's early birthday. He is leaving for France on Thursday for a five-week trip...to study French.
I found Brady practicing his "tree" yoga pose in the bird house.

They loved watching this penguin swim by really fast and splash

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