Monday, August 16, 2010

Fever Pitch

Yesterday, Bennett guest played for a baseball team in a tournament in Kirkwood. It was hot. I mean, really really hot. And we were there from 7:45am-5:4pm. That's 10 hours. And did I mention it was really hot? But in our house, sports trump common sense, so we (and six of our craziest family members) baked in the sun while Bennett did what he loves to do ball. It was his very first time playing kid-pitch and he even got to pitch a few innings. Unfortunately, being a guest player, he had to borrow a uniform, and his jersey had "Riley" on the back :)

Kid-pitch is so different from machine pitch. It's "real" baseball now and there's a lot for Bennett to learn. Stealing, pick-offs,'s a whole new ballgame :) And he did something yesterday that he's never done before. He struck out. First time in six years. For real. Not once in the last six years has he ever struck out. Amazing, I know. And he handled it like a champ...I was very proud of him .

His first pick-off.

Congrats Bennett!!!

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