Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's Review

Lots going on this past week. First full week of school under our belt and I think it's going to be a great school year. I'm totally over packing three lunches every morning, but I only have to do it 170ish more times before next summer :)
Bennett and Brady's school had a "cruise day" this week and they were able to wear tropical/Hawaiian style shirts. I don't remember exactly what the story is behind this themed day, but they were both excited to wear something other than uniforms. Brady also got to experience his first school-wide assembly. Big-time stuff. Doesn't Bennett look thrilled that I'm taking his picture??

Cate has worn this "pwincess jammies dwess" for three days straight. Literally. She did take it off tonight to go swimming, but it's back on already.

Carter rode his bike to school for the first time on Friday. He met Zack a few blocks from our house and they rode together. Zack's mom followed them the whole way :) Scott told me on Friday that he loves having Carter is class "but it's weird when he raises his hand to answer something and I have to call on him" HA!

Carter was accepted into the National Junior Honor Society....way to go Carter!!!!!
On Thursday, I attended the grand opening of the very cool store I.O. with Aunt Fran and Elaine....and Vern Y.ip was there! FYI, his hair is huge (and mine was 12 weeks past due for a haircut, which of course my appt was the next morning) He was very nice and answered all of my design questions about moving Cate and Brady into the same room (more on that at a later time) . Great store, great dinner, great company!!

Friday was Carter's BFF Logan's 13th birthday and we celebrated at The Loading Dock in Grafton. The weather was perfect for an outside dinner on the river.

Cate stole my soda and hid on the other side of the deck.
Logan, Cole, Zack, Carter, Brady, Bennett, and Hunter.

They thought it would be funny to take a picture pretending to fall in the river...and then they almost did. Knuckleheads.
Today we went to Bennett's friends birthday party and Brady's kindergarten asst. teacher was there. She told me that Brady is a great leader in class and they depend on him a lot to help out with his classmates. She also said that he ties shoes for everyone all day long and two of the girls untie their shoes as soon as they walk into the classroom just so he will tie them :)

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