Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Start Of Something Big.....

Brady's baseball career :) He played in his first tournament this weekend and he did great! Team Illini put together a 7U team for the machine pitch tournament and they asked Brady to play. Yes, he's only 5, but he can keep up with the big boys and he was so excited to finally get to play "real ball". He was as confident as any kid out there (all 50 pounds of him) and I couldn't stop thinking that just last year, he was crying on the t-ball field, so scared to bat during the first game! I guess a lot changes in a year :)
Definitely the smallest and youngest in the entire tournament, but he hit the ball every time and played great in the outfield. He even got to play a few innings at catcher. The equipment was twice his size, but he loved it!
Victory Lap after their first win
With over 14 of the best fans in attendance, Cate has plenty of family to spoil her during the games. Here she is sittin with MauMau eating peanuts that she stole from Bau Bau and she loved when Aunt Fran took her for a bike ride!

Here's a picture of Brady playing center field with his entire cheering section behind him. The first time he took the field, everyone clapped for him and he raised his hat to acknowledge the cheers from his know, just like Pujols does after he hits his billionth homerun of a's all the least Brady apparently feels like it's the same thing! That made me laugh so hard. He's obviously been paying attention to all of the pro games he watches.

Woohoo!!! Go Brady Go!
Team Illini won all six games, including the Tournament Championship game.
When he saw this picture he said "holy crap I'm small"
Finally his very own, hard earned, trophy. I won't be surprised if it's laying next to him when I tuck him into bed tonight. He'll have something for show-n-tell this year!!!!

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