Thursday, April 22, 2010


I was shocked when I walked into my living room tonight and found this...Carter reading a book! Of course, five minutes later...

Being read to......that's more like it!!!

Ironically, this morning, Cate and I attended Bennett's 100 books reading ceremony.
Receiving his reading medal and pin. Truthfully, I feel that the parents also deserve a medal for having to listen to their kids read 100+books every school year. Soooo boring. Scott and I often play rock-paper-scissors to see who has to sit with him while he reads aloud. And we sometimes encourage him to pick the books with the fewest pages and largest print

And.....I accidentally sent Bennett to school today with an empty lunchbox (do I rock at this parenting thing or what?!). Thankfully I realized this before his lunch hour. After his reading ceremony, I grabbed the empty from his locker and Cate and I ran home to fill it. When we returned, he was mortified to see us walk into his classroom. His face turned as red as his shirt when Cate walked to his desk and said in her loudest voice "here's you luchbox Beeeennn" and all of the girls sighed "awwwww"!!! A moment I may never forget!

Brady and Cate chillin on the couch. She loves to crawl up next to him and snuggle...she even let him control the remote! I'm starting to think they really do look alike

And it wouldn't be a true Thursday without my golf league (working, not playing. Why am I still doing this? Didn't my parents sell the golf course?), Brady's soccer practice, Carter's soccer practice, then hitting practice at the batting cages.

We leave for Kansas tomorrow for Bennett's first away baseball tournament..oh and it's his 8th birthday. He's so excited to "travel" on his birthday...we are less than excited to spend $800+ this weekend and then still have to buy him gifts and throw a party!!! Ok, my ambien is kicking in and Scott made me promise I will not blog, email, or text while I am under the influence of my sleeping, goodnight!

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