Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday=Last Day of Break. Boo Hoo.

Monday was the last day of spring break. Silver lining is that there are only 35 more school days til summer break!!! The kids (minus Carter) wanted to go to the zoo...mostly because they wanted to visit Build-a-Bear and spend some of that Easter money!

Brady pretty much dictates where we go and which animals we see..he loves reading the map

Brady was convinced this zebra was in time-out for "poor behavior".

As we were leaving it started to rain. Cate used Brady's new "el fant" to keep her dry!

Brady stayed dry too :)

This evening, we watched Scott's JV softball team play. Bennett asked why the umpires have to wear chest protectors. Mr. Know-it-all Brady answered "Gosh Ben, you didn't know that if an umpire gets hit in the chest with a ball his heart stops beeping?" Ha!
This is a picture of what Brady has packed inside his baseball bag..even though it weighs more than he does, he still drags it everywhere he goes! He lines it up on the fence when he is playing ball in the yard and of course he practices in full uniform every time. This morning, he was playing by himself and working on his "stragedy" for running the bases...very entertaining! He coaches make-believe players and I love hearing him repeat all of the instructions he hears his daddy say at Ben's practice!

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