Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Sports

Today was Bennett's first game with his new baseball team, Team Illini. They actually had two games...winning the first 17-9 and losing the second 14-11. Ben plays 1st or 3rd base. His entire team played great!! Bennett went 9 for 9 with 6 singles, 3 doubles, and 9 RBI's. Not bad for his first day :)

Less than thrilled that I snapped a picture of him in the dugout

Cate making her way to the field

Bennett and Kadin making necessary adjustments ;)

Cate giving her daddy a between-inning pep talk

Entertaining herself in the dirt. This will be the last time I let her insist she wear a white shirt to baseball!

A very successful day for Mr. Bennett!!
Brady and Carter both had soccer games at the same time as Ben's first game this morning. The other team didn't show up, so Carter's team won by forfeit. Brady's team won 5-1 and he scored one goal. I couldn't take pictures today because I was in charge of the substitutes and it was very stressful!! The video below is from Brady's game last week...I love that he looks up before he shoots and places the ball in the far left corner away from the goalies reach (as Carter's coach would say "well done!")

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