Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Survived The Weekend...

Barely. 234 miles later and more than $100 in gas, but I survived. Not even 4 baseball games, 4 soccer games, 3 softball games, and 1 charity auction can beat me down :) It was a complicated/exhausting two days of "who's going where and with who" but all of my planning paid off and I have to give a great big "thanks" to all of our family who helped.

There were only three minor glitches in my plan.... 1- I ran out of Ambien on Saturday night...so I didn't sleep but maybe 3 hours. 2- Carter got up around 2am Sunday morning throwing up and didn't stop for seven hours. I remember laying in bed thinking "Carter getting sick is not on my spreadsheet!" He had to miss his soccer games on Sunday (three of them) which made life a little easier on me and I'm very thankful that my parents stayed home with him so I could go to Bennett's semi-final and championship baseball games! 3-I only took about five pictures and I forgot my camera for Bennett's Sunday games. I was so upset!!!

Here are the pictures I did take...

Bennett's team won 3 games and lost the championship game by a few runs. They played great and qualified for a tournament in Steamboat Springs, CO. Carter's soccer team won 2 games and lost one..I haven't heard about Sunday's game. Brady won both of his games this weekend and scored one goal in each!

Cate lugging all of her stuff after the second baseball game. There were two huge playgrounds at the baseball complex that she loved playing on and they were close enough that I could still see the game. Win-Win :)

Bennett receiving his trophy after the final game. The coach gave Brady one too for being the batboy. He sits in the dugout throughout every game and helps with equipment, drinks, whatever the boys need and during warm-ups he shags balls for the coaches. He was so excited about his trophy and even took it to school Monday to show all of his friends!

Had to take this one with my camera phone...

All in all, a very successful weekend. Friday is Bennett's 8th birthday and we're heading to Kansas for another baseball tournament (yes we were just there last month for Carter's soccer!). I figure I'll get caught up on laundry by June :)

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