Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter-Part 2

Every year Grammy hosts a big Easter egg hunt for the kids...81 money filled eggs :) The search is on for the "big money" egg...Carter, Reece, Cate, Bennett, & Brady

This year, Carter found "the" egg! Woohoo! $5!

Bau Bau and Reece helping Cate open her eggs

Uncle Josh and Bennett should never be left alone with the camera

Such a diva!

For dinner, we headed to Mau Mau and Papa's house. Cate loves chasing the ducks and the boys love to dig worms and go fishing.

Feeding the fish in Papa's pond

Ann showing off some scary yoga moves

Diggin' for more worms

Jon caught a huge fish :)

Jon, Bennett, Carter, Ann, Brady, & Cate

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Jen said...

Who's the scary dude behind Jon's left shoulder? Great pics!