Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter-Part 1

Surprisingly (not), I took a lot of pictures this I'm going to break them up into a few different posts.
I'll start with Easter Eve and morning. We didn't dye eggs til after 10pm last night. Great parenting, I know. I really have no excuse for why we waited til the very last minute but we finished before the midnight hour, so I consider that a success :)

Before (I had to google "how to boil eggs")

The Easter bunny hid eggs and baskets all over the backyard. We didn't get started til 8:30 and everyone was still pretty tired (notice a few yawns below) that sleep late ROCK!
Cate loves her new Dora gardening gloves and shovel. She was ready to dig for worms!

Next up.....Grammy and Papa's for lunch!

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