Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Days!

Plural. Snow dayS. Two. Yuck. Much more fun when I was the one getting out of school and relying on my mother to entertain me because I was "soooooo bored". These two days totally threw off my schedule. Wasn't 17 days off for Christmas enough? And even worse, the snow days fell on a Thursday/Friday, meaning a 4-day weekend. Scott and I have kept the kids very busy and active, which has left me exhausted...and it's only Friday night!!
Below zero temperature means the lake freezes solid and the kids love to "skate" on it and play hockey. They lasted a lot longer than I expected.

Cate lasted about 30 seconds. She preferred eating an ice cream cone and watching Barney from the comfort of her rocking chair :)

One perk to being a high school coach is that Scott has keys to the gyms! We took the kids there last night to play basketball/soccer/baseball and run some energy out. Genius!!!!

This morning, we took the kids to Monkey Joe's to play and then to Steak N Shake for lunch. I was trying to figure out this "collage" thing in photoshop, so I apologize for the crappy layouts...I'm just learning!

Scott commented more than once on how nice it must be to have three big brothers catering to your every need. Cate is one spoiled chick!

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Adriane said...

Looks like so much fun! (And so much work!) Hope you're hanging in there. Debbie Friday will have to wait until next week!