Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shower Me With Cleanliness

Cate has graduated from the bathtub. Hooray! Her new favorite place to be is in the shower. She giggles and shrieks the entire time. This makes me so happy because I think baths are kinda gross. Sitting in her own dirty water, possible urine..washing her hair and then sitting in that water...just never appealed to me. After Brady's shower last week, she said she wanted in, so off the clothes came and in she went. And she's been in there every night since. I'm hoping it stays that way...I'm tired of bleaching tub toys :)And I think the shower has made her hair thicker and curlier~ Ha!

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Adriane said...

That HAIR!!! Gorgeous!! I am going to send Gracie with a pair of scissors next week to cut some off while Cate is napping. She can bring it home to me and I'll make her a blonde wig. Hair problem = solved!