Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Recap

Resolution recap. 1-Better about sending out birthday/anniversary cards. I did send one to Vanessa, so I consider this a success. 2- Keep my car clean. Well....hmmm. Not so much. I mean today it is clean (because Scott cleaned it out and vacuumed it this morning) but 3-Play the lotto. Not once. I did however find an old scratch off winning ticket, but it's expired. Fail. 4-Print out my pictures and put into albums. I uploaded 188 pictures to today and will be picking them up tomorrow. I have the album ready to fill. Whether it gets done, who knows, but so far....success. Not a terrible start to 2010.

Today, the sun was out. Granted, it was only 35 degrees, but good enough for some outside fun. Brady hates the cold weather and keeps asking when it's going to be warm. I wish I knew. I'm ready for it.

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