Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gimme a B!

Brady made his indoor soccer debut Monday night and he did great! This was his first time playing organized soccer and he loved it. I was very worried about him playing on this team because his teammates and opponents are all in 1st or 2nd grade and Brady is still in preschool. Most of his team played outdoor together so he was about the only one without an official uniform. Good thing Santa left this awesome Manchester United jersey and shorts and Mau Mau and PaPa bought him those super cool yellow shoes :) Brady definitely had the largest cheering section...14 family members :) Carter played the role of proud big brother...all of those "training/coaching sessions" in the basement definitely paid off!
He was a bit timid in the beginning, but after the first quarter he was everywhere the ball was!
First thing he said after the game..."how many days til my next game?"

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Adriane said...

Yay Brady!! Those yellow shoes are rockin'!